Giggle Kids Games is the home of the newest genres in apps for preschoolers.

Giggle Kids Games is creating ...

BookGames - Based on quality children's books

TVGames - Based on quality children's television

MusicGames - Based on quality children's music

These apps are especially designed for preschool children ages 3-6 years and are currently available for iPhone and iPad and soon for Android devices.

Giggle was launched in 2012 to celebrate the Australian National Year of Reading. Initially Giggle Kids Games has launched with 4 new Giggle BookGames available on iTunes. TVGames and MusicGames are still in development and will be launching in 2014.

Our first 4 BookGames are based on the picture book content created by Jeannette Rowe, one of Australia's best-selling preschool authors. Jeannette's award winning books have successfully sold into 23 overseas countries and in 2013 her book sales reached 4 million copies globally.

Jeannette's bright, warm and educational books have been created with loving care. Her sense of fun means children enjoy her books everywhere. Her books are now available as an interactive BookGames, based on 4 of her original books and are available through Giggle Kids Games on iTunes, for iPads and iPhones.

Giggle Kids Games is the creation of the Giggles Team, who are ...

Stella Projects, (Project Management and Licensing)

What's The Fuss Digital, (Digital Technology Partners)

Jeannette Rowe, (Children's Book Creator, Teacher and Curriculum Writer)

In 2012 Giggle BookGames won the USA Elit Award for under 7 years.


Learning to read starts long before children reach school age.
Quality picture books for young babies and children contain a wealth educational story fun.

Current research shows that, book play and reading regularly, with young children encourages them to develop a love reading, book confidence and many pre-reading skills. Children who are read to and have access to books and enjoyable book play, are more likely be successful readers, achieve higher educational and vocational goals, than those who do not have these early experiences.

The Murdoch Children's Research Foundation based at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, have shown direct links between reading success, scholastic success, vocational success and better health outcomes, which in turn equate to a longer life span outcome.

BookGames are based on real books. At Giggle we believe and want children to experience playing and reading with real books and their digital counterparts. BookGames while bringing a portable digital interactive experience to reading, with an emphasis, that includes visual literacy.

Impact of Developing Technologies

The development of new technologies such as portable storage and internet based devices, means an entirely portable library of books and BookGames can be made available to children anywhere and anytime. Carried in dad's pocket or mum's hand-bag, mobile phone devices and tablets are becoming more available than ever before for really young children. Giggle developers understand that young children require age appropriate, quality, safe, engaging and educationally fun apps to play, read and learn with, on these devices.

BookGames are developed from educationally sound preschool book content, that has been read by millions of children around the world. BookGames content has been created by experienced creators of children's books and has been trialed with schools and kindergarten children. BookGames can be played independently, by your child, or shared with another child, parent or carer.