Young children love animals and are fascinated by how different they can be. 'Guess Who at the Zoo?' is two games in one, that can enhance your child's visual skills, knowledge and memory.

MINI GAME 1. Zoo Guessing Game

Game one is a simple visual guessing game. This game can enhance your child's knowledge of how animals look and sound. Other skills will include alphabet and word recognition, hand eye coordination, listening, looking, cooperating and sharing with other players.


  • Each page has two animals to be guessed.
  • A part of the animal can be seen behind the sliding flap.
  • Can you guess who it might be?
  • Slide back the flap to reveal the whole animal.
  • Hear the author's voice, Jeannette Rowe, reading the text.
  • Hear the animal's name and sound.
  • The game can be played by one or two players, simply take it in turns.
  • Menu bar can turn off the author's voice if you choose


  • Ask questions about the animals?
  • Help describe the animal with your child
  • Discuss size, colour and features of the animals
  • Listen to the animal sounds. Can you make them?
  • Give other information about the animal
  • Tell a story, sing a song or recite a poem about that animal if you know one.
  • Point out any special features of the animal.
  • Can you find the words starting with the letter eg 'B'? etc
  • Can you find the word for the animal's name?
  • Where is the word ZOO?

MINI GAME 2. Zoo Memory Game

The memory game is a game of match the animal pairs. This game is a great test of your child's memory and visual placement skills and hand eye coordination.


  • Pairs of animals lay behind the 20 cards laid out at the start of the game.
  • Press Start the Game to play
  • Tap two cards to reveal who hides behind each card.
  • Have you made a pair?
  • If not try again.
  • Can you remember where each animal is hiding?
  • When animals are paired the cards spin and disappear
  • Play with another player and to see who can match the most pairs.
  • Reset the game and a new random placement occurs.
  • When all the cards are paired a surprise picture will be revealed.
  • Play again and again to beat your own score.