This game is especially for really young children aged 2 to 4 years. There are two games in this BookGame. A simple touch and name the animal or object, covering eight thematic pages and one 'Make a Picture' game at the end. Listen to the author's voice say the words, or turn her voice off in the menu to record your own voice saying the words on each page. If you speak a second language, you can also edit the way the words are written on each page to match your language choice.

MINI GAME 1. Touch and Name Game

There are eight different thematic pages full of interesting animals and objects for your young child to touch and name. This game can enhance your child's letter and word recognition and hand-eye coordination skills, and their ability to listen, look, cooperate and share with other players.


  • Each page has animals and/or objects to touch and name
  • Touch each one to hear the author's voice say the name
  • The music and author's voice can be turned off in the menu
  • You can record your own voice or the voice of your child saying the words.
  • If you speak another language you can record this instead
  • You can also edit the way the words are written on the page
  • This means you can have a multilingual BookGame.
  • Or you can simply personalize the BookGame with your family voices
  • This BookGame can be played by one or two players; simply take it in turns.


  • Your child can play this game on their own
  • Or together, you can ask questions about the animals?
  • Find the objects in your home
  • Help describe the animal or object with your child
  • Discuss size, colour and features of the animals
  • Can you make the animal sounds?
  • Give other information about the animals
  • Tell a story, sing a song or recite a poem about the animals if you know one.
  • Point out any special features of the animal.
  • Look for words starting with different letters
  • Can you find the words starting with the letter eg 'B'? etc
  • Can you find the word for the animal's name?

MINI GAME 2. Make a Picture Game

This is a simple touch and drag to 'Make a Picture' game. Perfect for little hands and fingers to practice their hand eye coordination, while having fun.


  • The 'Make a Picture' button is flashing on the home page
  • Press the button to play the game.
  • Touch the objects below on the bar and drag them into the picture.
  • See them move in the air and on the roads.
  • Watch out, too many and there might be a crash.
  • Never mind you can play again and again.