Tickle SmartyCat's tummy to begin a story about where frogs come from and how they grow.

This is a read along enhanced Ebook, with animations, sounds, interactive text and voice record facilities. Included in this BookGame is a wonderful Fly-Catch Game at the end of the story. Great for hand-eye coordination and just having fun!

Hear the author's voice read the story or record your own voice by selecting the menu bar options for voice record. At the end of the story you can play the Fly Catch Game.

Simply press the game button at the top of the homepage. Help the frog catch the flying mosquitoes by touching them as they fly past.

MINI Ebook 1. SmartyCat Frogs Story

The first part of this BookGame is an animated interactive Ebook.


  • Tickle Smartycat's tummy to begin the story
  • Hear the author's voice read the story
  • Press the red arrows to turn each page
  • See the characters move
  • Touch the text to highlight different words
  • Press Menu to turn off the author's voice and record your own
  • Hear the sound or turn them off
  • Listen for the joke at the end of the story


  • Ask questions about the frogs?
  • Help describe the where the frogs live with your child
  • Discuss size, colour and features of the animals
  • Listen to the animal sounds. Can you croak like a frog?
  • Give other information about the frogs - your childhood memories
  • Tell a story, sing a song or recite a poem about frogs if you know one.
  • eg "A frog went out on a summer's day"
  • Point out any special features of the frogs as they grow.
  • Find key words in the text eg Frogs, tadpoles, pond, croak etc
  • Touch the words to highlight them

MINI GAME 2. Fly Catch Game

Back on the home page you will find a flashing button up the top called the 'Fly-Catch Game'. Press the button to play.


  • See the frogs near the pond.
  • See the group of flying mosquitoes.
  • Help the frog catch the mosquitoes by touching each one as they fly by.
  • Have you caught them all?
  • What was your score?
  • Watch out here come some more!
  • Can you win some more points?
  • Watch out when the frog gets too full, a surprise happens!
  • Play again and again to beat your own score.