YoYo is a loveable little puppy who loves to play Hunt and Spy!
Can you help him find and fetch all the objects on each page? There are eight games to play that become harder and harder. Win bones along the way and then feed them to hungry YoYo in the extra Bone Flick Game at the end.

MINI GAME 1. Hunt and Spy

This is a simple visual game of Hunt and Spy the objects in the picture. Help YoYo learn all about counting, colours, size and shapes.


  • The are 8 'Hunt and Spy' pages
  • They get harder and harder as you progress through the BookGame
  • Choose the object you want to find in the picture from below
  • Touch the object in the main picture when you have found it
  • Win a bone for YoYo when you succeed
  • Win a winner's cup at the end of each successful page
  • At the end of the eight games play the Bone Flick Game
  • Flick and feed all the bones into YoYo's mouth
  • Play more Hunt and Spy to win more bones for later.


  • Sit with very young children to show them how it works
  • You touch the finding object and ask the child to find it in the picture
  • Before long they have worked out how to spy things, all on their own
  • Count with them
  • Point and name the colours
  • Compare the sizes of things
  • Find YoYo in each page
  • Find and touch little blue 'Happy Horse in each page'
  • Watch out he makes a funny noise!

MINI GAME 2. Bone Flick Game

Once your child has played the main Hunt and Spy Game(s) and won some bones, they can play the Bone Flick Game. The Bone Flick Game comes up automatically at the end of the eight games or you can press the big bone on the home page to play.


  • Open the Bone flick page and see the won bones descend
  • Click on the bones and flick them into YoYo's mouth
  • YoYo is very hungry he will eat all the bones and want more
  • Once the bones are all gone go back and play Hunt and Spy again.
  • Win more bones to feed YoYo again and again